Hello, Cosmos!


Welcome to the Hypercosm dev blog! We’ll be using this to host progress updates, showcases, and more as we continue to develop the Hypercosm protocol, Cosm servers, and Browsers! Because the website is only just being created, let’s summarize everything that’s been done so far.

Specs and Visions

The vision for Hypercosm has already been well-defined after discussions within the community. The results of those discussions have been put into a doc, and will be copied onto the website once we’ve determined them to be properly finalized. The same will happen with the core protocol spec once it has been updated to the 1.0 version.


While the Hypercosm project will not host any official implementations of Cosms or Browsers, multiple community members have already created Hypercosm-compliant software and frameworks:

  • Daeken has published TestCosm and HyperMosaic, the first proof-of-concept Cosm and Browser compliant with the protocol! Both use Daeken’s NetLib (included in the TestCosm repo) written in C#, and HyperMosaic is built in Unity.
  • aDot is creating nemicosm, a Browser implementation written in Rust!
  • Retr0id is working on a Python implementation of the Hypercosm spec!
  • nicolas17 is writing a Wireshark extension for Hypercosm packets!

Community Showcase

Daeken’s posted a video showing off HyperMosaic connecting to a test Cosm! You can check that out here:

nicolas17 has also shared a screenshot of the Hypercosm WireShark plugin:

A screenshot of WireShark decoding Hypercosm packets.

Moving Forward

The core protocol and spec for asset delivery have now been fully specified with working test implementations! In order to fully prepare the Alpha spec, we still need to define scripting, Worlds, and 2D UI. We’re keeping track of version requirements in a Goals doc, and we’ll keep posting regular updates here as they’re implemented! If you want to give your feedback and ideas on these specs, don’t hesitate to join us in the Discord! Thank you very much for reading, and we’ll see you next time!~